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The Burning Flame Haze
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welcome to my blog

Hello ;3 i'm ElaMaeAC
just a simple girl HAHA! (FILIPINA ♥)

I’m not forcing anyone to follow me but it would be nice if you do :)

BTW i love justinbieber xx ♥
i swag :p

Disclaimer: All the pictures/gifs posted are not mine unless it says so. If it is mine, it’ll be watermarked with my url (itsmyswagnotyours.tumblr.com)

these sites are the credits to the pictures i post on my blog:

1. www.favim.com
2. www.photobucket.com
3. www.allthingskawaii.net
5. pixie.ie
6. vi.sualize.us

if you want to copy the pictures here, please credit me co'z its unfair if you'll just copy and paste it on your blog.. it took me hours to find these sites. thank you!